The International Critical Infrastructure Security Institute (ICISI) Provides Hands-On Training and Cybersecurity Solutions Performance Testing in an Operational Power Plant Setting

The Industrial Cybersecurity Proving Grounds

ICISI and its partners offer the nation’s most advanced, publicly accessible cybersecurity immersion lab available.

We utilize a modular, reconfigurable Control Room Simulator that provides a unique, real-world human-machine interaction (cyber-physical interface and visualization). Our immersion program educates practitioners and the next generation of cybersecurity leaders using both real-time and simulated plant operation and control, including the role cybersecurity plays in the design, analysis, operation, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems.


In addition to providing research, technology transfer, and educational activities that support workforce training and development, as well as new technology creation and commercialization, we support applied and basic research to create new and improved instrumentation and

control technologies to ensure the safety and security of plants worldwide.

“High performance cybersecurity is achieved through convergence, streamlining, and the best possible investment in both people and technology.”

Cybersecurity programs at ICISI utilize an electrically heated steam cycle small modular nuclear power reactor designed and built by BWXT in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Hands-On Advanced Plant Simulation and Cybersecurity Defensive Architecture Laboratory

Situated in a ten-story, 120 ft. tower, the operational generation facility is outfitted with fluid systems,  and instrumentation and controls dedicated to gathering high quality, high fidelity test data. This one-of-a-kind facility contains unique cybersecurity assessment and performance measurement capabilities at operating pressures and temperatures characteristic of conventional and advanced systems found in nuclear, fossil, oil and gas, defense and many other sectors.

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