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International Critical Infrastructure Security Institute

Join ICISI today and help us bridge the [cyber] security gap affecting our critical infrastructure sectors through workforce development and research.


ICISI Democratizes Cyber-Physical™

ICISI bridges the [cyber] security gaps critical infrastructure is facing. Our primary mission is to act as a “bridge-builder” to inspire and revolutionize imaginative solutions that protect the world’s most critical assets from cyber threats.

The International Critical Infrastructure Security Institute (ICISI) is a 501(c)(6) research and workforce development organization that specializes in cybersecurity and the protection of critical infrastructure from cyber-based threats. By providing access to state of the art labs, ICISI grants access to technologies and training that would otherwise be only accessible by the larger laboratories. “ICISI Democratizes Cyber-Physical”™ for all levels of expertise. We provide the environment, training, and staff to push boundaries and innovate new security technologies.

Through strategic partnerships with industry, universities, and governments ICISI seeks to improve cyber-physical protections across critical infrastructure. ICISI works with members to promote performance-based standards, revolutionize security technologies, and accelerate the broad adoption of informed, proven best practices.

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Collaboration Portal

Our online members-only portal where you will find deep talent pools, research, and forums where you can discuss solutions with others in your sector and beyond.


ICISI offers immersive cutting-edge training related to cyber-physical security. Our hands-on training prepares students for the real world beyond theory.

Professional Certs

ICISI is a leader in critical infrastructure protection certifications; setting the bar above the competition requiring lab time and verbal board examinations.

Cyber Range

ICISI's state of the art cyber range was designed to be broken. This cyber-physical range allows users to test technology and that protects the world's most critical assets.

Physical Labs

When virtual just isn't enough, our 30,505 square foot facility with state-of-the-art digital instrumentation, control, and operational technologies will meet your needs.

Product Validation

ICISI validates products against regulatory requirements, standards, and our own extensive penetration testing formula offering the best cyber-physical validation in the industry.


Certified Cyber-Physical Associate Bootcamp

The CCPA Bootcamp is an immersive course designed to prepare students for their ICISI’s Certified Cyber Physical Associate (ICISI-CCPA) test. The underlying intent is to ensure that every student walks away with a questioning attitude, stronger situational awareness, and the ability to critically analyze cyber security performance.

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Certified Nuclear Assessor Bootcamp

The CNA Bootcamp is specifically designed for members of the Cyber Security Assessment Teams (CSAT) at commercial nuclear facilities that are responsible for implementation and maintenance of Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 73.54 compliant programs. Attendees will be instructed on how to build a successful cyber security program.

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