FAA Needs to Step up its Communications Security

According to IG reports the FAA is not doing enough to mitigate security risks to its Data Communications system, the DOT inspector general said today.

DataComm “will play an important role in air traffic controller to flight crew communication” as the FAA continues to modernize the air traffic system, the IG said in a new report. “Thus, it is critical that FAA incorporate sufficient controls to protect against potential security threats to that communication, including an effective contingency plan to ensure a quick recovery from losses of DataComm availability.”

The IG found that the FAA is “identifying — but is not mitigating — security risks in a timely manner.” Two security vulnerabilities that were supposed to be addressed by October 2017 have seen their deadlines pushed back to Dec. 31, 2018, and March 31, 2019, respectively.

However, the IG reports that “FAA’s contingency plans for DCNS and TDLS are sufficient to limit the effects of DataComm unavailability.”

John Walley

John Walley

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