More About ICISI

ICISI’s vision is to Democratize cybersecurity® for critical infrastructure. Our mission is to act as a “bridge-builder” to inspire and revolutionize imaginative solutions that protect the world’s most critical assets from cyber threats. 

The International Critical Infrastructure Security Institute (ICISI) is a 501(c)(6) research and workforce development organization that specializes in cybersecurity and the protection of critical infrastructure from cyber-based threats. By providing access to state of the art labs, ICISI grants membership to individuals and corporations providing access to systems and technologies that would otherwise be only accessible by the larger laboratories. “ICISI Democratizes Cyber-Physical”® for all levels of expertise. We provide the environment, training, and staff to push boundaries and innovate new security technologies. Through strategic partnerships with industry, universities, and governments ICISI seeks to improve cyber-physical protections across critical infrastructure. ICISI works with members to promote performance-based standards, revolutionize security technologies, and accelerate the broad adoption of informed, proven best practices.

Facilities and Laboratories

ICISI members are afforded special access to our cyber-physical infrastructure, an impressive set of plant technologies and equipment, cybersecurity labs, and facilities at significantly discounted rates:

  • Fully operational BWXT mPower™: A small modular reactor (SMR), developed and cooperatively installed and operated in partnership with the US Department of Energy, providing real-time, high fidelity systems, process equipment, control, and data acquisition systems, and process instrumentation comprise the facility enabling separate effects and integrated system testing.
  • Plant Operations Simulators: These emulate the functional impacts of cyber-related events on diverse plant systems and the functions they support or perform.
  • Digital Nuclear Reactor Protection System Testbed: This is used for measuring susceptibility and impacts of cyber-based attacks on safety-related plant equipment.
  • Defensive Architecture Testbed (strategic isolation and asset compartmentalization)
  • Cybersecurity Aggression Testing Lab: This allows for plant equipment penetration testing, verification of physical security protections, Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack simulation (for less common communication protocols), social engineering effectiveness reviews, hardware-based attacks, and advanced forensics.
  • Human Performance Lab: This allows us to study the impacts of cyber-attacks and compromises on plant equipment, instrumentation, and indication.