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The ICISI CCPA Bootcamp is a five-day course developed to prepare students for ICISI’s Certified Cyber-Physical Associate (ICISI-CCPA) test. The underlying intent is to ensure that every student walks away with a questioning attitude, stronger situational awareness, and the ability to critically analyze cybersecurity performance.

The CCPA Bootcamp is suitable for all levels of cyber-physical security expertise and is designed to engage students at all levels of knowledge If you are beginning or if you are a seasoned expert and want to learn more, then this is the course for you. This course offers a hands-on experience where you get to “break stuff.” Instructors lay a foundation of cybersecurity knowledge, which is followed by real hands-on experience.

At ICISI we believe that real learning is in the “doing” and not memorization. We focus on solving complex cyber-physical security problems, and our students face the age-old dilemma of functionality versus security that ultimately determines if they pass or fail the course.

We often tell students to be aggressive, and if they break it, we can fix it. ICISI offers a safe place for students to experience first hand the results of poor cyber-physical security practices. They also learn how to leverage resources and improve security in cost-effective ways.

In a world that is driven by regulatory standards, ICISI pushes the limits and stands on the foundation of core cybersecurity principles. We understand there is a significant difference between performance and compliance. Therefore students are evaluated on both.

Unlike other certification programs, each student has to solve a cyber-physical security problem as a capstone for the course. During a four-hour examination, the student will provide a solution to their assigned real-world system where they are required to walk the system down, identify any security flaws, and develop a strategy and countermeasures needed to protect the system. The student’s recommendations are then presented to a board of industry experts where they will be evaluated.

Who should take this course?

Any individual who has cyber security or physical security responsibilities, including:

  • IT and OT (ICS) cyber security personnel
  • Field support personnel
  • Security operations staff
  • Incident response personnel
  • Compliance staff
  • Team leaders
  • Governance personnel
  • Vendors / Integrators
  • Auditors

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Jan 27 – 31, 2020, Feb 24 – 28, 2020, Mar 16 – 20, 2020

1 review for Certified Cyber-Physical Associate Bootcamp

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    Dave Wroblewski

    Critical Infrastructure Cyber is a rapidly changing environment. I found ICISI staff ahead of the curve and dedicated to presenting material with a dynamic structure allowing me to use, adapt, and build upon a living set of knowledge.

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