ICISI Gold Membership for Individuals

$249.00 / year

Join us in creating a safer world? Considering joining as a Gold Member of ICISI. Your donation of $249/year will help us protect the world’s most critical assets from cyber-based attacks. As a gold member, you are the select few who are truly impacting today’s workforce. By partnering with ICISI at teh gold level you have opened up opertunites for many that would otherwise never have access to the training or technology that ICISI provides. Thank you for helping us to truly Democratize cyber-physical™.


The ICISI Gold Membership is our most prestigious membership. At only $249/year this membership option offers the ultimate cyber-physical experience providing physical access to ICISI’s cyber-physical labs. In addition to the individual research and practice possibilities, our Gold Members enjoy access to both our physical and virtual cyber-physical labs at no additional cost. You will also have access to our cyber-physical security experts both online and through in-person training. Gold members receive our highest discount available gaining 15% off all ICISI training workshops and other events. Benefits include:

  • Event Access
  • Digital Certificate
  • Collaboration Portal
  • Private Channel Access
  • 30 days Cyber Range Access*
  • Physical Lab Access**
  • Event & Training Discounts

* Gold members gain full access to our cyber range including the media center, mini-games, battle rooms, and missions.
** Limited access based on schedule and availability.


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